ARVOR About Us & Our Roots
We create pure, potent, and powerful skincare products designed to help you look and feel empowered. ARVOR takes its inspiration from Árvore which means tree in Portuguese. We embodied everything a tree symbolizes into our core values and products. Our core values are Nature, Beauty, and Empowerment.
One Tree Planted, For Every Transaction
We care about nature. That’s why we partnered with One Tree Planted. For every product sold, one tree is planted. It’s our way of giving back to the earth. Tree (Árvore) is in our name, after all.
ARVOR Plants One Tree For Every Transaction
Our Philosophy
We believe all body care products should be safe, effective, and clean. We are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients, free from toxic and hazardous chemicals. We never use synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or environmentally harmful chemicals. When you choose Arvor, you are choosing safe, empowering ingredients for your skin. 
Glass Containers 
Our Jars are recyclable and made of dark violet glass. We use glass to help minimize our plastic use. Less plastic means less destruction to the earth and environment. We only use dark violet glass because it helps block out harmful rays of light. This protects the effectiveness and potency of the ingredients inside the container.
ARVOR Recyclable & Eco-Friendly