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We create natural skincare products to help you live freely, in your best skin yet. We believe optimum skin health begins with self-care combined with nourishing ingredients. We're here to unlock and share the superpowers of natural wellness with you.

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ARVOR CBD Body Lotion Nourishing the Skin

Made With Love In California

There are so many skincare companies, but how many represent their customers vs shareholders and profits? At ARVOR we have no external stakeholders. Our community of users are who we work for every day, building products that bring beauty, results, and joy.

We value diversity, inclusivity, and being completely natural. With some of the cleanest CBD and novel combinations of super berries like cloudberry, raspberry, and prickly pear our users are getting the best of natural skincare for their faces and bodies. Together let’s shake up skincare!

 Our Founders

"Growing up I always experimented with my own skincare creations to keep my acne prone skin looking its best. Having been involved in the CBD industry and a believer in natural ingredients, I was inspired to create ARVOR and share the skincare results that benefited me. Skincare doesn't have enough clean, trustworthy CBD options – especially with LGBTQ+ values. Filling this need is a joy every day."

- Jarett Mendez, Co-Founder & CEO

"In the early 90s, as a child, I’d accompany my mother at her organic food stand (before organic was a thing). Natural, wholesome ingredients is all I’ve known. I worked in tech for years and in 2021 I joined ARVOR to help grow a mission-based, health-oriented company for a change. I’ve enjoyed returning to my roots, involved in a cause approved by mother nature."

- Clarence Naylor, Co-Founder & CMO

Founders of ARVOR, Jarett and Clarence

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