ARVOR's 2000mg CBD Cream

ARVOR's 2000mg CBD Cream

Apr 27th 2021

Introducing the 2,000mg CBD Body Lotion!

For a luxurious and soothing skincare routine, look no further than our carefully-formulated CBD body lotion!

ARVOR's CBD Body Lotion is infused with 2000mg of full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD oil includes all the best parts of the plant: terpenes, cannabinoids, vitamins, and minerals. Each ingredient was carefully selected for nourishing, beautifying effects. As a bonus, we use recyclable packaging and plant a tree for each product that is purchased! Here’s what you need to know about ARVOR's CBD Body Lotion.

Feel Good About Using Our Lotion

At ARVOR, we focus on clean ingredients and sustainability to bring you the best skincare on the planet.

Clean Ingredients from Nature

We know that you care about the ingredients that you put on your skin. We do, too! Everything that you put on your skin is absorbed into your body, so safe and healthy ingredients are a must.

Our CBD Body Lotion is completely vegan and gluten free and is not tested on animals. We do not use any phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances. We carefully test each product to make sure that it is free of harmful chemicals and has a full 2000mg of CBD.

We use carefully-selected superfruits and full spectrum CBD to ease stress and help with soothing dry skin. The combination of ingredients helps with a calming, relaxing experience. ARVOR's Body Lotion includes Prickly Pear, Cloudberry, Lingonberry, and Pomegranate along with Usnea and Calendula extracts for the ultimate luxurious experience.

Sustainability and Planting Trees!

At ARVOR, we are committed to keeping the Earth clean. Our products are packaged in glass jars for recyclability and sustainability purposes. Using glass jars allows the customer to repurpose the packaging once the lotion is used. Additionally, glass jars are easier to recycle than a plastic counterpart. To further our clean goal, for every product that is bought, one tree will be planted!

Using a product created with sustainability in mind can help you feel more comfortable about your own impact on the environment. We live by the ideas of “nourishment, beauty, and nature”, and we keep that in mind when creating our products for you.

What Could Our Lotion Do For You?

You might find many benefits from use of the lotion, including:

  • A soothing, relaxing experience
  • Improvement of dull and dry skin
  • Improvement of uncomfortable skin
  • A refreshed and glowing complexion

The body lotion’s high CBD content and carefully chosen ingredients helps to make your experience as optimal as possible.


Launched in April 2021, ARVOR is committed to bringing you the best that CBD can offer! Our goal as a company is to provide CBD products to you that not only make you feel good, but that you can feel good about using.

We create our products with every customer in mind. Our product not only benefits your skin, but also is crafted with the environment in mind so that we (and you) make a better impact on the Earth. For a soothing, relaxing experience, try our flagship body lotion.