5 Reasons Why Vegan Skincare Is Better

5 Reasons Why Vegan Skincare Is Better

Posted by Clarence Naylor on Feb 21st 2023

You may be familiar with the disclaimer “no animals were harmed during the making of this film.” It shows up at the end of movies to reassure viewers that the lovable horse or dog was safe and sound and they need not fret. What about skincare? Peta reports that some of the biggest names in skincare STILL test on animals – perhaps the deadly testing doesn’t happen on US soil, but they do fund it internationally. I couldn’t believe their report showing Estée Lauder, Clinique, La Mer, and Maybelline are all perpetrators – just to name a few. The implications of this testing is agonizing for the animal and frequently results in loss of life. 

It’s our opinion this dystopian process can come to an end as innovation in the growing vegan skincare and beauty movements produces equivalent or superior results in products that have no animal testing or animal products. Let’s explore five reasons vegan should rule the future of skincare!

Quiz: How many animals are estimated to be abused annually as part of product testing? (answer at the end)

    A) 8,000,000
    B) 55,000,000
    C) 100,000,000
    D) 250,000,000

Reason 1: No animals Are Harmed (duh)

Vegan means no ingredients or by-products from animals were used. There are many more by-products that come from animals than you may expect and it’s important to watch closely for them. If you look at ingredient lists and see collagen, beeswax, cholesterol, carmine, or gelatin (to name a few) this means animals were involved in making your product – and likely harmed along the way.

Disclaimer, this next paragraph is unpleasant. During testing, animals often have chemicals put all over their bodies, including into their eyes. They experience injections and the ingredients tested are in many cases forced into their mouths and noses. If this doesn’t sound like suffering enough, they can end up blinded, burned, and physically hurt as testing is undergone.

When a product is vegan this usually means natural, plant-based, or synthetic ingredients are used in place of animal ones. Fortunately, natural ingredients are full of nutrients that nourish your skin and are gentle on your body. Everyone benefits from sticking to vegan here! The animals aren’t harmed and your skin gets nutrients that help it look its best.

Reason 2: Mother Nature Smiles :)

Our skin does a magnificent job absorbing what is put onto it. While this is helpful when it comes to natural ingredients like Prickly Pear and full-spectrum CBD, you should be careful to avoid synthetic ingredients like parabens. Parabens for example are a widely used skincare preservative but can disrupt hormones and have other negative effects. Considering how absorbent your skin is, a good rule to remember is to avoid ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. Prickly Pear doesn’t run the risk of harming your health, but it will help nourish and hydrate your skin.

Animal products leave a high carbon footprint. They create ecologically damaging chemicals. Fruit, vegetables, beans, and nuts have a much lower carbon footprint. Sticking to vegan ingredients will reduce your carbon footprint by not involving animal byproducts. Popular vegan skincare ingredients like plant-based oils and extracts are healthily absorbed by our bodies and don’t produce waste that hurts us and our planet.

Reason 3: Your Skin Will Shine

We know plant-based ingredients as well as essential oils and all the nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants that come along with them help your skin’s health. No animal-derived or chemical-based ingredients are needed. Glowy Drops and its completely vegan formula will give your face one of the best combinations of natural ingredients to make it shine beautifully.

Fortunately, CBD doesn’t come from animals, but from the Cannabis Sativa Plant. Glowy Drops contains 500 mg of naturally sourced CBD from Oregon. It supports skin health by calming, deeply nourishing, and targeting areas of concern. Prickly Pear is the first ingredient in Glowy Drops and is revered for its anti-aging, acne-friendly properties. It calms skin and helps your face retain moisture by supporting your skin’s protective barrier. To help promote healthy, glowing, youthful-looking skin Glowy Drops also uses Raspberry seed oil that’s chalked full of vitamins A and E. These vitamins help reduce dry and irritated skin keeping your skin nourished and looking its best.

Glowy Drops is the proud recipient of a Vegan Beauty Award. They are an organization with a team of skincare and beauty professionals that carefully evaluate vegan products to ensure they meet the highest level of standards. They believe the future of skincare is cruelty-free and work to support the best vegan companies helping advance that mission. Consumers being able to easily identify which products don’t use animal by-products or testing is an essential part of transitioning purchasing behavior from conglomerate companies that have made animals part of skincare to the vegan movement. We thank them for the work they do.

Reason 4: Sensitive Skin Types Rejoice

Fewer ingredients simplify the process of evaluating what you’re putting on your body and whether a product is animal friendly and clean. Vegan skincare products usually have fewer ingredients making it easier to research and understand what's in them.

Animal-derived ingredients, like parabens, help boost the profitability of products by serving as an inexpensive preservative or filler. They aren’t productive in the usual goals of attaining healthy, radiant skin. They just add potential risk to damaging your skin and health. With many people being sensitive to chemicals and animal ingredients, by eliminating and replacing them with natural vegan ingredients, your skin will not only look better but will be safer.

Reason 5: Vegan Companies Care

It would be quite the undertaking to look into the possible carbon footprints and potential damage to the planet conglomerates like Estée Lauder and Clinique contribute annually. What about your local vegan skincare company? It’s a safe bet that being eco-friendly is part of their philosophy and they take steps to use ingredients with low environmental impact (like essential oils) and don’t use the mass production methods that damage our earth.

By not using animal by-products, fewer resources are used to make your skincare goods. Vegan companies are typically focused on sustainability and are aware every company has a responsibility to help make the world better, not add to its problems. ARVOR uses glass containers instead of plastic to reduce plastic waste. Also, for every product sold, we contribute to One Tree Planted to help offset the carbon impact from shipping.

A New Vegan World

You vote on the world you want to live in with your purchases. By supporting vegan companies you help the many people who have dedicated their lives to creating sustainable and healthy products that people can enjoy and benefit from.

You’re part of the change by educating yourself and reading this blog post on the benefits of vegan skincare. There is an alternative to products that use animal-derived ingredients and test on them, so the harm that’s done to animals and the planet isn’t necessary. That alternative of natural, plant-based ingredients nourishes your skin and helps it look and feel its best.

Glow on!

Answer to Quiz: There are estimated to be 100,000,000 animals abused every year as part of animal testing. Each one has a life that matters to them and doesn’t deserve a life of torture. We should all be part of the solution and look for vegan alternatives to our skincare needs.