​How Long Does CBD Stay in your System?

​How Long Does CBD Stay in your System?

Sep 17th 2021

How Long Does CBD Stay in your System?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating cannabis compound used to achieve varying effects. Just as is the case with using any other similar compound, increased usage of CBD comes with the fear/ risk of failing drug tests. Despite the legalization of hemp-derived products in the US, you can never be entirely sure about how CBD will interact with your body.

That said, one of the frequently asked questions is; how long does CBD stay in your system? Here, we analyze how CBD can affect your body and how long it will take to get rid of it under different circumstances.

So, How Long?

To give you a straight answer, CBD can stay in your bloodstream for 2-5 days. However, this approximation hugely depends on other variables such as:

1. Dosage

A large amount of CBD used will have a lot of influence on your system, and eventually, it will take more time to get rid of it entirely.

2. How long have you been using CBD?

How often you use CBD products also determines how long CBD will stay in your body. For instance, if you are a regular user, it will take more time for the compounds to clear from your system than an individual who doesn't rely much on them.

3. Metabolism

How fast your body metabolizes CBD determines how fast it will leave your system. The quicker your body metabolizes CBD, the faster your system will excrete it.

4. Method of use

Various methods of CBD usage are available, with the most common ones being tincture (sublingually), inhalation, edibles, and topicals. The type of method used to take the CBD will determine how fast its effects will take and how long it will take for your body to get rid of it. We analyze each one of them below:


The sublingual method is considered more effective as compared to direct ingestion. This method involves placing several drops of CBD under your tongue and waiting for several minutes before swallowing the remainder.

While holding the drops in your mouth, you can use your tongue to distribute the compound around the inside parts of your cheeks and distribute other drops to the areas under your tongue. The logic behind this method is to allow the mucous membranes in your mouth to transfer the CBD drops to your bloodstream instead of direct ingestion into your digestive tract, and eventually, the liver.

Simply put, the sublingual method has higher bioavailability as compared to oral consumption of CBD products. Depending on other factors such as the dose and frequency of use, the effects of CBD should kick in 30 minutes after sublingual use. The effects may last between 2-6 hours.


The inhalation method is also very effective because it guarantees direct absorption of the CBD into your lungs and into the bloodstream. Regardless of whether you are smoking a high-CBD strain or taking simple CBD from a vape pen, the effects are always the same when using this method.

Upon inhalation, the cannabinoids head straight to the lungs, where they are immediately transferred into the bloodstream for circulation throughout your body. That said, when using this method, the effects of CBD are immediately felt, and its effects might last for up to three hours.


This is easily the most commonly used method of CBD consumption. It involves taking a few drops of CBD through your mouth and into the gut. Even though it is one of the easiest and fastest methods, ingestion doesn't necessarily mean that you will experience the full effects of the cannabinoid.

If anything, swallowing the cannabinoid means that it will take more time to reach your bloodstream and bring up the desired effects. Ingestion simply means that the CBD will take a similar process to that of food digestion.

When the CBD reaches your liver and is metabolized, it can cause a "first-pass effect." The enzymes in the liver make the CBD less concentrated before transferring the little remainder into your bloodstream. Not only is this a slow process, but it also reduces the optimum effects of the cannabinoids taken.

When ingested, CBD will take about two hours to produce its effects, which might last for up to 8 hours. It is important to note that, for a first-timer, the effects might take a longer time to manifest.

If you undergo a drug test in the near future, it is important to note that ingesting full-spectrum CBD contains up to 0.3% THC. However, the broad spectrum and isolate do not have any THC. Third-party testing can also help to confirm THC/ CBD.

The Ultimate Alternative…

Want to know how you can avoid drug test anxiety completely? Here is a trick; consider consuming CBD topically. With this method, you do not have to worry about drug tests, as THC provides you with the desired CBD effects without entering your bloodstream.

Topical application means that you do not have to ingest or use CBD sublingually or any other method that will lead to cannabinoids entering your bloodstream. Instead, the topical application relies on CBD lotions, creams, and other similar products to provide their effects.


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