​The Benefits of Sleeping Naked May Surprise You

​The Benefits of Sleeping Naked May Surprise You

Posted by Clarence Naylor, Contributor on Jan 9th 2023

No Pajamas? No Problem!

When was the last time you slept naked? Were you out of clean laundry? Feeling frisky? Or simply trying it out to see if you get a better night’s rest?

There are many questions about whether sleeping in the nude helps your health or is unsanitary. If you’ve ever had the slightest interest in tossing your pajamas to the side and jumping into bed the way nature made you read on! The benefits are numerous and could result in you waking up feeling a deeper level of rest, not to mention your significant other may be pleased as well.

A Good Night’s Rest Is Essential

It’s well-known that a good night’s sleep is foundational to solid overall health. Getting adequate sleep is one of the pillars of overall well-being, yet according to the National Institutes of Health, the average person gets less than 7 hours. This is below the recommended 7-9 hours. That being the case, we should focus on sleep habits that help us boost our sleep and reduce any friction to catching those coveted z’s. The perceived benefits depend on the person but have an open mind here. Some say that sleeping naked helps them relax and fall asleep faster. Others say it makes them feel more confident with their partners. There are also those that say they’ve been sleeping more soundly, and longer after stripping down to their birthday suit.

Let’s consider the perils of not getting enough sleep:

  • Lack of sleep increases your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues. Sleep decreases your blood pressure and gives it much-needed rest.
  • Obesity increases without sufficient sleep. Being tired leads to a hormone imbalance - this can result in overeating and ultimately gaining weight.
  • Mental health issues, including depression, can be exacerbated through lack of sleep. Your mind needs rest as much as your organs and the rest of your body!

Keeping our Core Body Temperatures Low

Let’s get back to the good stuff, how sleeping naked helps you get a better night’s rest. By the time the day is done and our bodies are ready for sleep our bodies make more melatonin and our core temperature decreases. Thinking about this practically, if you’ve ever had your A/C go out on a hot summer day you may recall a lot of tossing and turning. For the best sleep, crank your room temperature down to the range of 66-70. That’s the range our bodies will be happiest at. You’re one step ahead by stripping off those clothes, your body temperature can decline even faster and before you know it you’ll have drifted away into dreamland. Keep your sheets handy! You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night freezing, that will undo some of the benefits of having no clothing on.

Promotes Reproductive Health

There are benefits to keeping your sexual organs well-ventilated as well! Let’s start with vaginal health. Often under garments, particularly when made with polyesters, can result in poor ventilation leading to increased chances of a yeast infection. You can keep the airflow in your nether regions by sleeping nude. For men, you may recall the reason for your testicles being outside of your body is to keep their temperature regulated. If they get too hot this could result in lower sperm counts. Similarly, by sleeping in the buff you let more airflow down there and keep your swimmers from overheating. Good vaginal and testicular health should be convincing reasons to give sleeping naked a try!

Get Your Best (Glowiest) Skin

If sleeping naked helps you sleep better, your skin could also flourish. Studies have shown a link between more sleep (that recommended 7-9 hours) and improved skin health. Your skin can stay more naturally moisturized and have less negative impact from exposure to the sun. Lack of sleep can also result in more cortisol being released in your body leading to inflammation and more skin blemishes.

Before you rush to bed, don’t forget your skin health can be enhanced further by applying a facial oil. Ideally twice a day, during your morning routine and at night. We recommend ARVOR’s Glowy Drops. It is chalked full of super berries like Prickly Pear, which nourish and hydrate your skin as well as raspberries that hydrate and balance your complexion. To make your skin even healthier yet Glowy Drops has 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD with a soothing and calming effect. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and looking your best!

Give Your Sex Life a Boost

It doesn’t take much imagination to consider the impact of no clothing when sleeping beside your partner. You may feel frisky a little more often with nightly skin-on-skin contact with a significant other. The benefits of more intimacy are numerous, but the net takeaway here is if you find sleeping nude helps your relationship that’s a huge win for your health in itself.

How to Prepare for your Nude Sleeps

There are a few things you can do to get ready for slumbering sans pajamas. Here are a few of the top considerations:

  • It’s prudent to change your sheets more frequently. There’s a woman-owned, LGBT brand called Suay Sew Shop that has artsy and eco-friendly pillows and comforter covers if you need to stock up.
  • Become a nighttime showerer. This is a big help to keeping sheets cleaner (and it boosts sleep quality being squeaky clean).
  • Make sure your comforter is sufficiently warm. Without the layers of clothing adding extra insulation it could get chilly otherwise.

Say Goodbye to Counting Sheep

A better night's sleep is what you have to look forward to when sleeping in the nude. A more moderate body temperature, well-ventilated sexual organs, and possibly a more active sex life are just a few ways being nude can support your well-being while slumbering. The quote “I was born naked, so I’m going to sleep that way” comes to mind. Go back to the way nature made you - at least for 7-9 hours a night and you could find yourself happier and healthier when you wake up in the morning