What's the Deal with Sweat and Skin Health?

What's the Deal with Sweat and Skin Health?

Posted by Clarence Naylor, Contributor on Oct 14th 2022

Everybody sweats! Whether it’s during a summer walk, workout at the gym, or other activities. We have millions of sweat glands, but when’s the last time you thought about why your body sweats or contemplated whether you should put these abundant glands to work? If you’re looking to improve your skin health it could be a good idea! We’ll explore the basics of why we sweat and what the odor tells us. Then we’ll dive into how sweat can keep us looking young and best practices on how to offset the bad parts. You’ll soon be an expert on how to give your skin the best chance to flourish!

QUIZ: one part of our bodies does not have sweat glands? Can you guess which one? Answer at the end!

What’s all this wet sticky stuff on my skin?

You likely have heard that our bodies sweat to regulate our core temperatures. This prevents us from overheating and keeps our bodies running efficiently. Exercise is a time people notice they sweat the most. When we’re working out our muscles generate extra heat which our body releases through sweat. We’ll dive into the good and bad, but it’s good to note calcium, potassium, and sodium become depleted through this process. After rigorous workouts you can find foods that supplement these nutrients.

What’s that smell?!

A sign of a well-hydrated body is a relatively odorless sweat. If you are having a long, strenuous workout and feel yourself drenched with sweat - fear not! This indicates you are amply hydrated. Kudos on keeping up with the eight glasses of water per day. A lower odor is a good sign you’re succeeding in general self-care. It typically means you have not only good hydration but also hygiene. On the contrary, if you pass someone that carries a “reek” hope they will hit the showers after their workout. When a person smells while sweating it could be the result of more bacteria on their skin, made more pungent by the odor.

Forever Young

It’s well known that exercise comes with anti-aging and longevity benefits. That’s a story for another blog post, but sweat itself could help keep you looking young too! Healthy sweat production can boost your skin’s health. Bacteria and heavy metals inevitably accumulate on our faces from daily living. Our sweat has the potential to eliminate some of the bacteria and impurities leaving our skin healthier and more youthful looking. Now you know why you get that post-workout glow! You may notice the glow is more pronounced after a shower as it’s important to wash off the bacteria that sweat has mustered up on our skin’s surface. If we don’t it could get re-absorbed instead of washed away.

A Shower Cures All

Most of the harm from sweating is a result of not washing it off of you. There are a lot of oils, skin cells, and pollutants that get released from our skin and caught up in our sweat. If you don’t have a shower after a good sweat, whether it be the gym, or a hot day in the sun, the benefits of sweat may not be realized. The dead skin, oils, bacteria simply rest on your skin potentially blocking pores and causing a breakout (yikes). Have them swirl down the drain instead. Your skin pores will thank you and you may get a compliment or two on your lustrous healthy skin!

ARVOR for your Best Skin Yet

After the sweat, after the shower, yes you’ve cleansed your skin, but what about any of the beneficial oils and minerals that have been depleted? Physicians and Dermatologists tout the benefits of CBD on skin hydration and reducing inflammation. We formulated a body lotion chalked full of 2,000 mg of CBD so it can get to work re-hydrating your skin after a workout or shower.

To counter healthy minerals that are lost, we also added super fruits Prickly Pear, Pomegranate, Cloudberry, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and moreThese not only replenish, but also provide protection and skin health benefits like skin softening (from vitamins E & K), deep hydration, and plumper-looking skin. You’ll be well on your way to achieving your best glow. Simply apply the lotion to your body once you’ve had your shower. From there the benefits of CBD will begin in re-hydrating, lowering inflammation, and keeping your skin looking healthy and vibrant.

A Heart that Beats on and on …

The impact of sweating on our heart health cannot be forgotten. When we sweat and our body temperature rises, so does our heart rate giving it an often needed cardio workout. Studies show sweating that results from exercise or saunas has the potential to reduce cardiovascular disease. Our favorite saunas are infrared and made by SaunaRay, a beautiful hand made, medical-grade manufacturer. Our bodies benefit tremendously by being in conditions in which we’re sweating. You're doing your heart a favor by upping the speed of the treadmill and letting the sweat flow!

Is My Skin Beautiful Yet?

If you want to get rid of impurities, bacteria, and dead skin cells, get over to the gym, beach, or sauna and start breaking a sweat. Your skin will be happy to get cleaned out and you’ll keep that youthful, healthy look. Whatever you do, don’t resist getting into the shower after your sweat or the benefits won’t be fully realized, that sticky sweat will keep all the grime and bacteria on your precious skin.

Small-batch, natural, locally sourced CBD products are rocket fuel for your skin health. Benefiting from the hydrating, anti-inflammatory properties of CBD along with the super fruits that come in ARVOR’s body lotion and facial oil can bring your skin’s health and appearance to new heights. After a sweaty workout and shower is the perfect time to put this routine in motion. Your skin’s best days are ahead of you – get sweating and see you at the gym!

QUIZ ANSWER: The lips are the one part of the body that cannot sweat! They are the only part of the body that doesn’t contain sweat glands.